Through paid training and knowledge-sharing, members of the growing collective help each other learn hands-on while improving St. Louis' historic built environment with upcycled / sustainably-sourced materials when possible.

In our apprenticeship program, apprentices graduate and can continue work within the collective as well as take on their own clients. We prioritize hiring folks with previous barriers to employment, with a focus those who have been systemically excluded from the carpentry industry.

We believe that this kind of involved, personal, paid vocational training creates channels for sharing knowledge, growing confidence, deepening independence, and creating real relationships in our city.


Emanuel Taranu and Marcis Curtis founded CC in 2015

Kendra Mahr is a collective member and CC's first graduated apprentice.

Deondre Boykin aka Turk

Anya Liao

Shelby Brice

Salena Burch is CC's administrative person.

Kendra Mahr, Member and first graduated Apprentice

Kendra Mahr, Member and first graduated Apprentice

Apprentice Deondrae Boykin

Apprentice Deondrae Boykin

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