Citizen Carpentry

Citizen Carpentry is...

Citizen Carpentry is a social enterprise - an LLC with strategic goals focused on social good. We offer sustainable services and training in practical trades through our apprenticeship program. 


Maintaining our city's unique built environment.

  • Restoration of historic elements of St. Louis homes such as antique window repair

  • Interior renovations, repairs, and custom built cabinetry

Creating sustainable products and spaces.

  • Building a network of local partners to prevent the flight of money to large corporations

  • Custom installations for local businesses and homeowners

Teaching and sharing skills.

  • On-site training and workshop facilitation aiming to increase the resource pool available to neighbors and business owners 

  • Workshop classes dedicated to lowering barriers to access for community members to accomplish their goals

Keeping St. Louis' resources out of the landfill.

  • Utilizing salvaged material and repurposing waste wood to create unique elements

  • Showcasing what is possible with a sustainability-focused practice